The International Institute of IT & Consulting Ltd (IIITC) is the Ivy League of Online IT Institutions for IT Consultants globally. IIITC takes pride in transforming the global workforce into independent problem solvers for Clients all around the world. 


Founded by Master Consultant, Sabrish Chandrakanth, the IIITC had its humble beginnings since September 2021 and is on a mission to educate, empower and elevate the status of individuals by training and coaching them with mastery IT skills and competencies suitable for the Digital Era.

IIITC offers several grades of professional certification programs, training, qualifications and awards as well as a range of tools and resources to support continuous improvement and growth.

Professional Programs and Training for Consultants

IIITC offers several mainstream and extended certification programs such as:

  • Certified Professional Consultant (CPC)
  • Certified Operations Consultant (COC)
  • Certified Tactical Consultant (CTC)
  • Certified Strategic Consultant (CSC)
  • Certified Master Consultant (CMC)

Extended Certification Programs and Training for Consultants

  • Certified Professional Apprentice (CPAP)
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPCO)


  • Professional Consultant (PC)
  • Operations Consultant (OC)
  • Tactical Consultant (TC)
  • Strategic Consultant (SC)
  • Master Consultant (MC)
  • Professional Apprentice (PAP)
  • Professional Coach (PCO)

Accreditation and Recognition

  • Certificates
  • Digital Badges

Why Us?

(How are we exceptional from others, why you should choose us)

The world is full of average, conventional consultants providing average solutions, so called ‘standard solutions’. Ironically, these average solutions will somehow create other problems and the cycle never ends.

This is why a lot of businesses, corporations or organisations have lost faith to average consultants delivering average results. This is happening because most of the traditional education and certification programs are theoretically perfect to get you a job but when it comes to real-life problems, businesses are looking for a more practical solution.

Also, traditional methods used in IT have been disrupted due to advancement in technologies and environmental conditions such as pandemics like Covid-19. The problems Businesses and Organizations are facing right now are different these days and the demand for Professional Consultants is rapidly increasing.

Business in every industry you can imagine needs your help!

Our programs stand out from the crowd because we focus on developing the right consultancy mindset and cutting-edge skills (and how to use them effectively) which enable you to internalize principles, implement strategies and realize results so you are ready to meet the rising demand and thrive in financial confidence for yourself and your family.

“We aim to create exceptional problem solvers for the IT industry”

What we do?


Educate Individuals with practical skills and competencies so they become independent problem solvers in the IT Industry


Empower Individuals with industry recognized credentials, relevant resources, tools and templates so they are recognized for their skills and competencies


Elevate Individuals by offering advanced learning and continual improvement programs to improve their status and ability in the IT Industry


Our vision is to elevate Individual lives globally through our IT and  IT Consulting Certification Programs online


Our mission is to cultivate Mastery IT skills that empower individuals flourish in Digital Economy

Core Values:


Commit to improving people’s lives by providing World Class Training and Certification Programs relevant to this Digital Era.


Provide advanced and specialized IT education and Certification Programs for self sustainment and growth. 


Strive to learn and continuously adapt to the changing needs of the Industry and Customers by developing relevant programs, tools and resources that enable Individuals remain successful in the market

Our Culture:

Culture is the foundation on which IIITC is built. We prioritize the quality and reputation of our Professional Consultants and are keen in only attracting and training the right Individuals who would best fit in our programs and the industry. Our world class application process guarantee that only eligible Individuals are able to take part in our certification programs

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Our Founder & CEO

Sabrish Chandrakanth is a Professional IT Consulting Expert, Coach and an Influencer. For the past 2 decades, he has been working in the IT Industry that includes more than 50 consultancy projects. He brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to IT and in helping several medium and large businesses and corporations across the world. 


He takes pride in developing innovative ways to handle IT problems and enabling businesses to achieve desired outcomes. He is on mission to elevate individuals globally by providing them with the right consultancy mindset, skills and competencies so that they are able to meet the demand for Professional Consultants in the Digital Age. 

Our Education Partner

Business Analysis School

The Business Analysis School is an EdTech learning academy helping non-tech professionals pivot into the tech industry through Business Analysis, Product & Project Management.

The Business Analysis School was founded by Eno Eka, an award-winning Career Coach and Speaker who has been recognized for helping 20K+ professionals around the world to kickstart their careers in IT. Eno is on a mission to help transform lives of many who learn from her.

Our Consulting Partners

Inthera Consulting

Inthera Consulting Inc. is a Canada based IT Consulting Services company headquartered in Saskatchewan. Established in 2013, it has made an impact in helping Clients achieve desired outcomes in their IT.

Inthera Consulting has worked with several mid to large organizations including public and provincial government organizations to facilitate various initiatives to implement strategic and tactical solutions for them. It takes pride in bringing together, like minded professional consultants who are looking to make a difference in IT for various clients they serve.

Eny Consulting

Eny Consulting Inc is a full – service digital consulting company providing technology & business consulting and advisory services.

They bring a team of consultants with expertise in all areas of IT and Business. They help you leverage people, process and technology to increase your revenue and achieve your business goals.

Their expertise cuts across Business Process Management, Project Management, IT Service Management, Digital Marketing, Software Development, Human Resource Management and Management Consulting.