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Its Time To Switch To Consulting!

We help working people become successful in their careers with education, coaching and mentoring in IT Consulting

Create your Future in the IT Industry!


There’s nothing more empowering than being the person in this era equipped with professional IT consulting skills. Our job is to educate and train you to become that person, offering results oriented IT consulting services to businesses, solving their IT issues, bringing fortune to them and to yourself.

Because – in this digital era – your future is in your hands.

We’ve nailed our Training Process as your Success is our Priority


Certified Professional Consultant (CPC)
A foundational program that gets you, your sure shot at transforming into a Consulting Professional


90 to 180 Days
90 Days of live classes, assignments and coaching. It’s intense and it’s fun too!

Passing Score

Take 5 attempts to get certified within 90 days of your course completion

Expected Pay After Completion

$100,000 PA

Prepare for your dream income..because you will be in demand!

**Note – IIITC does not guarantee jobs upon completion. Amounts reflected are based on average payments our Consultants are paid in the industry

Your 90 Days of Professional Transformation Begins with CPC

When you get certified and graduate from IIITC, you are equipped with a professional IT consulting mindset and a skillset that will give you an unfair advantage in your IT career. Whether you are considering joining an Organization or starting a Consulting business on your own, implementing what you’ve learnt will get you the results and enable you to ultimately become a successful Professional IT Consultant. Our advanced programs enable you to further specialize in IT and retain your elite status in your journey to mastery.

We believe that the true purpose of educating is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Our certification programs have been designed based on years of research and experience in various sectors in the IT Industry globally. The Consulting frameworks and principles you will learn have brought success and generated millions in revenue for Businesses and Consultants worldwide.

Program Highlights

Our programs are designed by IT Industry Experts to elevate you to the Professional Level
Our programs are highly practical and ready-to-implement programs that provide you with ready-made strategies and tactics to help you succeed even at your current job!
Our programs get you ready on the “Whys” and “How Tos” of IT Consulting. Not just the “Whats”
Our programs are structured to teach you about IT Consulting and everything relevant for a Professional Consultant, making sure that you will be equipped with the right mindset and skill set when you graduate.
You learn from professional IT Consultants who have been practicing in the Industry for decade(s).
The skills and competencies you learn are going to prepare you for technology disruptions in the IT and the Tech Industry in the forthcoming decade
Our programs provide you with clarity in IT that you ever wish you had in planning your career path.

Why does it work?

(over and over again)

  1. Training provided by Experienced Master Consultant
  2. Systematic Blueprint that is easy to implement and ready-to-use
  3. Real World Simulation of consulting scenarios so that you understand the IT Industry Practice
  4. Highly Practical Tasks and Assignments which allow you to gain the exact knowledge and experience you need (not more or less!)
  5. Business-focused Community to learn, grow and achieve goals, together!

What do you get?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. The IT Consultant Course does not require individuals to have a Tech degree as a prerequisite. This program indoctrinates you with the relevant IT knowledge to be able to start in the IT industry as a Consultant.
Yes, you can. An IT Consultant is responsible to understand a business’s needs and bridging the gap between IT and Business Operations. Thus, coding or programming is not required.
Unlike other courses, the CPC program focuses on providing a high-performance consulting mindset, consulting skills, and relevant IT knowledge to make you a successful Consultant. Internalising the mindset and skillset take time. The sooner you can learn and implement, the sooner you will be able to see the results.
Yes. IIITC is an online institute focused on creating professional IT Consultants. CPC is a fully virtual program.
No. IIITC is an online institute focused on creating professional IT Consultants. CPC is a fully virtual program.

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